Friday, 4 March 2011

Scrub-a-dub-dub, Yoga in the tub?

As far as the general Yoga-doing public is concerned, Yoga happens just about anywhere and everywhere.... on our mats, on our beds, in parks, maybe even on public transport.. but in the shower?

And why not? If you think about it, it kind of is the perfect place to tune into your thoughts and get some well deserved alone time. With noone to bug you and with some lovely scented bath soaps, soothing music, lit candles, you can create a private space to escape to.

Pretty good idea for a doorsign huh? You saw it here first! lol

For me, after a day's rushing around, there's nothing I look forward to more than having a hot shower to unwind. Often I find it the best time to do my Pranayama exercises because I'm always rushing to get to places earlier on in the day.  In fact I actually prefer doing pranayama exercises in the shower or bath because the steam opens up my lungs and relaxes my muscles. Shower-time also means a big fat Do Not Disturb as I put myself into voluntary timeout.

Sure, I'm not proposing we all get into downward dog amidst the slippery soap suds! But Yoga in the tub/ shower sounds perfectly weird but it also kind of makes sense. The moment you step under the shower, you're already in Tadasana (mountain pose). Just being aware, grounding your feet and growing tall, you are practicing one of the most fundamental and important postures in Yoga. Throw in a little mild stretches and chest-openers and you've got an enhanced shower experience!

A floating Savasana?

So when you have the time, why not try it out? I for one am a firm believer in incorporating a sprinkling of Yoga to the shower experience to get a healthy dose of my daily 'om'.

Nadi Sodhana- Alternate Nostril Breathing?

What other weird places have you found yourself doing Yoga?


  1. Luckily yoga is possible to practise everywhere...even in the airplane, but a bit squeezy.

  2. Sorry, I forgot to answer your question:

    Invigorating yoga:
    I recommend standing (heating) poses and inversions that brings your energy up. Asanas that stimulate especially your chest, stomach and head area.